CrazyLove Wedding Officiants

Serving Clarksville Tennessee and surrounding areas

CrazyLove is a wedding officiant service located in Clarksville, TN, proudly serving middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky. We can perform any type of ceremony and are the perfect officiant for those without a church home, those with nontraditional circumstances, and for last minute elopements. 

 We don't all have the picture perfect budget...or the amazing fairy tale courtship to go with it. Yet the day you choose to become one in marriage can and will be unforgettable nevertheless!

Your wedding officiant should be the least of your worries. MY PROMISE TO YOU IS THAT i will be professional, timely, and personablE.

I share my own personal story to lend some background as to why I now specialize in making your day whatever you desire it to be....My wife and I chose to have a simple ceremony with just her, I, and our two sons present . We were not in the position financially to have a wedding and we wanted all family to be there or none. We hired a former Justice of the Peace with the promise of a ceremony in his office and a witness provided as part of the fee. As it turns out, he had no office, nor a witness, showed up late, and was quite possibly under the influence. Nevertheless, we allowed him to marry us that day.  Our simple ceremony took place in the damp basement of a random office building down the street from where we were parked.  An alley cat was the only witness. My wife was in tears afterward, albeit happy to be married. In hindsight, our story provides for laughter but it wasn't what we paid for or pictured. I now make it my mission to create a memory for you that far outweighs your expectations, and leaves room for plenty of smiles and positive emotions for years to come.

Whether you want to elope, to partake in a simple set of "I Do"s among the closest of family or friends, or to rewrite history with the most extravagant of ceremonies, you have come to the right place. Please click on "TYPES OF CEREMONIES" for our available services.